Core Competencies
    Project Diligence
        Our work is not finished when drawings are complete. We follow the design closely through all phases of construction and are not satisfied until all systems are operating to complete owner and operator satisfaction even after a 3rd party commissioning authority has completed their work. In construction there are no prototypes. Every system requires diligent debugging to ensure long term performance and to alleviate issues.

    Existing Facilities
        Finding the right solutions for existing buildings is our passion. It requires extensive investigations, coordination, communication, and innovation that are simply not a part of new construction design. While we can perform on both new and old, our specialty is revitalizing existing facilities and systems, from troubleshooting to full systems retrofit.

    Practicable Energy Solutions
        Environmentalism and "Green" practices are an area of intense interest by all. MPE provides sensible professional experience in sorting through the ever growing list of solutions for developing Green buildings. We are, by nature, conservationists, however, energy efficiency must be anchored in practicality.

    Concept Definition
        Six important aspects: Listening to the Owner - arriving at the right solution - considering options - at the right cost - concisely documented - at the earliest possible stage of a project. All happening well before drawings and specifications are even started.

    Sensible Sustainability
        Martin Pevzner Engineering understands that the core principles behind sustainability are primarily designing systems for longevity and reliability in concert with energy efficiency. Unnecessary complexities often create more problems for owners and operators than they solve. The environmental merits of any facility are only as good as its maintainability.

    Relationships with Owners and Operators
        Arguably the number one problem experienced in construction are rooted in the HVAC systems. This conclusion taken from a significant study on 2,500 projects indicates the number one cause is the Owners misunderstanding of what they are getting for their HVAC systems and how they are supposed to operate. The solution: Significant and meaningful dialogue between the design engineer and the Owner = a strong relationship.

    Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
        We simply ask our prospective customers: Just give us you most annoying/difficult/painful HVAC problem and let us prove ourselves.
Minnesota Zoo Boilers & Chillers

Minnesota Zoo Boilers & Chillers

In 2007, MPE designed a full Chiller Plant replacement and High Temp Hot Water Boiler Plant Improvements for the Minnesota Zoo Campus in Apple Valley, Minnesota.
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