About Us
"It's not About Us, it's about what we DO FOR YOU."

Our Mission

    We seek to inspire confidence and functional relationships with our clients by providing superior engineering services.

Our History

    Roger Martin formed Martin Pevzner Engineering during the Fall of 2000. In utilizing his 38 years of engineering and business experience he continues to fulfill a dream to provide highly competent engineering services directly to owners and operators of facilities. Boris Pevzner and Roger incorporated on October 4th, 2000. After having helped with startup, Chad Martin joined the firm full time shortly after the new year. We listen intently throughout the process to our client's unique requirements needs and goals. But, we also integrate our experience and recommendations to create options for the customer's final decision. We maintain diligence in follow through, to ensure the quality end result.

    May we suggest that our relationship start with an assignment to solve your most plaguing building system issue?

Our Team

    Roger K. Martin, P.E.

      Roger graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautics and Engineering Mechanics in 1970. Prior to joining his first consulting engineering position in 1972, he performed computerized heat transfer analysis on the Skylab Space Station. He is a licensed professional engineer in 25 states. His spare time activities largely involve noncompetitive fishing and ball room dancing. Both require intense concentration, thinking about solutions and action. "Sharing a boat or a dance floor with someone is a terrific relationship builder. I seek to understand customer needs/issues, think about solutions and recommend a course of action leading to a mutually rewarding relationship."

      Roger's relationship with his son Chad, teaching/learning the profession has been extremely rewarding as Chad now begins to assume ownership in the Firm.

    Boris Pevzner, P.E.

      Boris graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology with a bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Minnesota and has 30 years of experience in design, analysis and project management of building mechanical systems. Among his strong capabilities are solving complex air distribution and hydronic system problems, central plant design, computerized energy simulation and analysis. Conceptual and detailed construction cost estimating experience is a key competency that adds unique value to the Firm. His experience includes a wide range of projects in the United States and overseas.

      In his spare time, Boris enjoys downhill skiing, following the financial markets and investing. "Aggressive skiing requires making quick decisions in extreme situations and understanding the financial markets calls for detailed analysis of a variety of factors. These skills enable my success as a consulting engineer to analyze considerable amounts of information in detail and produce results quickly/efficiently. Though, I must confess, I dream of making it big in the stock market and moving to the Alps."

    Chad R. Martin, P.E.

      Chad graduated from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Minnesota and has 10 years of HVAC engineering experience. Chad is an expert in Building Automation System and Energy Management strategies. He is additionally a highly qualified in design and analysis of HVAC for creation of quality indoor environments. Chad is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional. (LEED-AP)

      In his spare time Chad is an avid Autosports enthusiast and participant. "I find racing provides a great hands-on outlet for those with a passionate mechanical aptitude. It requires unparalleled attention to detail, ingenuity, and focus. I carry this notion into building design, through efficient and effective facility Energy and Environmental Solutions, specifically targeted towards each client's unique goals."

    Martin Pevzner has additional staff Engineers and Designers.

Minnesota Zoo Boilers & Chillers

Minnesota Zoo Boilers & Chillers

In 2007, MPE designed a full Chiller Plant replacement and High Temp Hot Water Boiler Plant Improvements for the Minnesota Zoo Campus in Apple Valley, Minnesota.
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